Big Happy Face to Farmers Helper Ultra Kibble

Ultra KibbleThis post is especially for all my celiac and gluten-intolerant peeps. I’m so excited! We bought happy face stickers to put on our grandson’s homework pages for when he does a good job, and I’m giving a Good Job Happy Face to the makers of Farmers Helper Ultra Kibble. According to the detailed ingredients list on both the package and the website, and I confirmed it by telephone– Farmers Helper Ultra Kibble contains no wheat, barley, or rye grains, nor any soy!

This fact is a wonder in the world of commercial poultry feed products. In addition to what it does not have, Ultra Kibble gets the happy face for things it does have, such as fish and salmon meal, probiotics, lots of veggie mashes.

The Ultra Kibble is formulated to be a supplement to your normal chicken feed of choice, not a main feed. The company says on their website: “Our products optimize avian health and minimize feed wastage.”

I already mentioned the Ultra Kibble for Chicks in an earlier post about our sickly chicks. I believe the supplement helpful in getting our puny biddies going, and now that I’ve discovered regular Ultra Kibble, I plan to put it in with the hens’ feed. I found the Ultra Kibble for Chicks at our local Tractor Supply, and I plan to see if my feed store can carry it.

Smiley_face_2Thank you, Farmers Helper for being such a help to our hens and our family. Good job!

Little Chicks Showing Upward Progress

first roostingDay 42 with the baby chicks. I was so excited yesterday evening to find one of the little girls sitting on the roost in the brooder cage. Now that is upward progress! This same girl was interested in mealy worms. She would take one from Grandson’s hand, but then would just drop it. This behavior is in such contrast to our first batch of biddies, who were scarfing up those dried mealy worms from about four weeks of age.

Still, a poor start is not at all an indication of how things might turn out in the end.

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin… ~Zechariah 4:10 NLT